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♥ G S J ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

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♥ {FAQ * Comments} ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe
gsj_mods wrote in gsj_feedbacks
Leave us your questions/comments here and a mod will get back you ASAP!

--- Can't think of any right now, but frequently asked questions will be added here.

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Hi there! I had a quick question/concern relating to my feedback. My feedback page links to my etsy account, which used to show a user's feedback as a customer. The last time I checked, etsy has changed it to where only I can view my own feedback as a buyer and now my link only shows the feedback I've left for others. :/ Besides my GSJ feedback page, etsy is the only other place I've got feedback. Should I keep the link & add also a screenshot to prove I have the feedback?

for ref: My feedback page (with etsy link)

I see, well you are definitely welcome to take a screenshot, leave me the link, and I'll add it to your list of additional feedbacks :)!

Thank you for getting back to me!
Here's the link for my screenshot: http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/4012/etsyfeedback.png
Thanks again :)

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