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♥ G S J ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

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♥ {FAQ * Comments} ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe
gsj_mods wrote in gsj_feedbacks
Leave us your questions/comments here and a mod will get back you ASAP!

--- Can't think of any right now, but frequently asked questions will be added here.

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Sorry I want to buy some doujinshi, I need of that feedback thing also if I'm a buyer? Anyway I hadn't any on livejournal to sell or similar but I use an account on ebay. Is it ok?

Apologies for the delay in replying. You do not need feedback to purchase items. Please contact the seller directly. However, it is advisable to create a feedback page in the future for your transactions so that everyone can tell that you are a reliable buyer/seller.

thank you for the answer, I did it anyway ^^

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