July 12th, 2019

♥ {Combining * Updating Request} ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

(Please note this is a 2 part step)

--- Let us know of any previous GSJ username(s).
We only combine feedbacks if those accumulated in previous GSJ username(s) are left here at the GSJ Feedback Cafe or in any of our previous feedback locations.

--- You must comment with your current LJ username to be added. Then reply to your own comment with the other username(s) providing proof that all accounts are owned by one person.

--- If you are unable to sign into other accounts due to a deleted username or forgotten password, and can provide presentable proof, it will also be accepted.

Step #1:

Fill out the form:
LJ Username to be added: You must reply below while signed into the new LJ username you want added.
Other LJ username(s): Refers to your other username(s) that you would liked combined with your new username you want added.
Links to feedback: If you can provide links to your previous feedbacks we would greatly appreciate it!

---Form starts---
<u>Combining Request</u>
<strong>LJ Username to be added</strong>:
<strong>Other LJ username(s)</strong>**:
<strong>Links to feedback</strong>:
--- Form ends ---

Step #2:

Reply to your own comment with your other LJ usernames, or provide some other hard evidence that the accounts owned by one person.

--- Any other form of feedback inquiries, such as a request to delete your feedback page, noticing an error, updating of additional feedback links, or if we just plain haven't updated your feedback page for over a month, please use the form below and lets us know the description of the update requested:

---Form starts---
<u>Update Request</u>
<strong>Description of update</strong>:
--- Form ends ---

{New Feedback Page Request} ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

Notice: This form is only if you have never had a feedback page in the Cafe, and the person you are requesting a feedback page to is yourself.

--- Requesting a new feedback page.
If you do not currently have one at the Cafe and would like a feedback page, just follow the request form below.

--- Have feedback in other locations?***
If you have feedback at any other GSJ locations (namely our old feedback location), and can provide a link to it, that would be great. These will be transferred here. If not, let us know and we'll try to find it for you.
If you have feedback at other locations (Such as EGLdb, your personal selling journal, etc), let us know and we'll add a link in your feedback page. These feedbacks, however, will not count towards your GSJ database.

--- We do combined GSJ feedbacks.
Please do so, here.

--- We will notify you when the feedback page has been created with a reply to your comment.

---Form starts---
<u>Request form (self)</u>
<strong>LJ Username</strong>: (text only)
***<strong>Links to feedback</strong>:
--- Form ends ---

REQUEST A FEEDBACK PAGE for someone else
Notice: If the person you are looking to leave feedback for currently does not have a feedback page, you may request one for them.

--- Requirement.
In order to request one for someone else, you must have completed a transaction with the person and be able to provide proof of the transaction.

--- Proof of transaction.
This will most likely be in the form of comments and replies to a thread. You can provide a link to the parent thread.
If you are the buyer, sometimes the seller will have hidden or deleted old comments. You may provide a screenshot if you have it, or copy of e-mails/PMs exchanged.

--- We will notify you when the feedback page has been created with a reply to your comment.

---Form starts---
<u>Request form (other)</u>
<strong>Their LJ Username</strong>:
<strong>Proof of transaction</strong>:
--- Form ends ---