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♥ How to leave feedback ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

Leaving Feedback Form
Simply copy and paste the code below:

--- Begin feedback code ---
<strong>Feedback:</strong> Positive/Neutral/Negative (Choose one)

<strong>You are leaving feedback as:</strong> Buyer/Seller/Trader (Choose one)
<strong>Overall Satisfaction:</strong> 10/10 - Description of transaction**.
**This is required; let others know how the transaction went!
--- End feedback code ---

It is important that you put Positive, Neutral, or Negative in the subject line! E-mail notifications go to the same account, so if you don't mark the subject, we could potential overlook the feedback!

Feedbacks that do not follow the guideline will be screened (so you can just copy/paste what you said into the correct formatting), and you will be asked to resubmit. Thanks :)

Leaving NEGATIVE feedback for BUYER
- In the past leaving feedback for the buyer is a gray topic for what constitutes as 'negative' for a buyer. This is here to clarify that.
- You may leave negative feedback for a buyer if one of the following occurs:
  1. It has been two weeks since the said date of payment. It does not have to be a 'I promise' it is a 'I'll send the money xxxdate' or 'please invoice me at xxxe-mail'.
    1. If the date the buyer agrees to pay is in the 'near future', such as a 'I'll deposit money to PayPal in a couple of days so I can pay you', we will count a couple of days = one week.
    2. So if there's no payment one week after the buyer said 'I'll pay with in a couple of days', you may leave negative feedback TWO WEEKS LATER. Thus, it is hypothetically a total of three weeks before you can leave negative feedback.
  2. They ask you to hold things for an xxxnumber of days and it has been two weeks since the last day they were given to pay.
    1. For example, If you agree to hold an item for three weeks, and after the three weeks is up, you must wait another two weeks before leaving negative feedback.
  3. As long as the buyer says 'Sorry, I can't pay' or 'I don't want it anymore' or 'Please don't hold it for me anymore' WITHIN the two weeks period, then negative feedback may not be left for them.
- If a buyer simply asks for measurements, questions, combined shipping costs, discounts, you CANNOT leave negative feedback. Please do not leave feedback for buyers who simply 'asks too many questions'. They have not said they are purchasing it, yet, thus you have every right to sell it to the next person willing to actually pay for the item, and not just inquire.

Leaving NEUTRAL feedback for BUYER
- If you choose not to wait two weeks to leave negative feedback, everything above applies, except instead of two weeks you may leave neutral feedback after ONE week.
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