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{GSJ Feedback Cafe Regulars} ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

Regulars aka Verified GSJers
To become a Regular, a person must have at least 15 positive feedbacks (additional considerations apply, see below).

Along with getting a cute cup next to your name , they instantly become trusted and verified buyers/sellers here at GSJ. The cup lets other members know that those who have earned it are honest and therefore safe people to conduct transactions with.

Neutral Feedback
Users with neutral feedback need more than 15 positive feedbacks to become a regular. For each neutral feedback, they need an additional positive feedback. For example, if someone has 1 neutral feedback, they need 16 positive; 2 neutral feedback, 17 positive; etc.

Negative Feedback
Users with any number of negative feedback are ineligible to become regulars. A Regular/Verified status may only be achieved/re-instated if each negative feedback is retracted by the person who originally left the feedback (aka the issue has been resolved).
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